Window Cleaner Bellevue


Any homeowner in the Bellevue, WA area understands the importance of having clean windows. Hiring a professional window cleaner is the easiest because we put in the work for you.

Having an experienced window cleaner saves the hassle of trying to find time to do it yourself, but keeps your windows looking great!

Cleaning your Bellevue windows does more than just make them look nicer.Having your windows professionally cleaned can also:

  • Lengthen their lifespan
  • Increase the curb appeal
  • Protect glass from acid rain
  • Maintain exposure to adequate natural light

Window cleaning may not be at the top of your list but keeping your windows clean can actually make them last longer. We offer regularly scheduled professional window cleaning, to remove dirt and dust build up, so you have a sparkling window all the time.

Call 5 Star Window Cleaning LLC at (206) 747-1382.

Window Washer Bellevue


We offer expert window washing for residential and commercial buildings in the Bellevue neighborhood. Having a local Bellevue window washer helps to improve the view from your window and protect your property investment.

Window washing is a big part of regular home maintenance, but why do it yourself when we will do it for you? Washing the windows yourself can be dangerous because many store-bought cleaners can be harmful to breathe.

Leave it to us to create a streak-free shine with no mess.Some of the things 5 Star Window Cleaning LLC offers Bellevue residents are:

  • Wonderful service
  • Competitive prices
  • Clean up
  • Attention to detail
  • Streak-free crystal-clear results
  • Highly motivated crew of window washers
  • No disturbance to residents

If you want beautifully cleaned, streak-free, smudge-less, and sparkling windows then you have come to the right place. Give us a call today to schedule your window washer.

Bellevue Professional Window Cleaning


Dirty windows bring down the appearance and value of a building. Hiring a professional window cleaning company in Bellevue is the best way to solve all of your dirty window problems.

Whether you have a house or a commercial building, we are the professional window cleaning company for you. We can provide a streak-free shine every time that leaves your building looking remarkable.

Our professional window cleaning services can also include:

  • Thorough clean-up
  • Post-construction removal of dust, glue, & paint overspray
  • Tracks and screens
  • Hard-water stain removal
  • Mid to high-rise commercial buildings

If you have any questions, call 5 Star Window Cleaning LLC at (206) 747-1382. We look forward to hearing from you.